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Banks today need to find cost effective and flexible solutions to address new customer segments of the bank. This includes the ability to onboard and service the under-banked or non-banked population, students, younger children who you want to introduce to the banking system and more. For many banks, their current traditional core systems do not provide a cost structure or flexibility to address these customer account needs.

Innovative Payment Solution for Customers

The Tagit Digital Wallet is based on our Virtual Accounting System which provides a low-cost platform alongside of a feature rich set of capabilities.  Delivering a state-of-the-art Digital Wallet requires both a robust UI experience and a flexible, parameter driven, back-end system to address fees, limits, channel control, funding sources and others.

Mobeix Digital Wallet Services

Flexible Account Definitions

The system provides the ability to support multi-currency accounts, accounts with specific rules for channel access (i.e. can’t withdraw from the account using ATM) and flexible funding sources. As an example, accounts could be defined for families with children for managing allowances.

Robust Parameters

The system supports a robust set of features for defining how accounts and transactions are managed. This includes flexible fee structures, limits monitoring, channel and transaction definitions, including support for all types of payments.

Commercial Applications

The Tagit solution can also be used to define Digital Wallet accounts that can be used in commercial applications. Digital Wallet accounts can be used to support a bank’s agent network or can be used to support a commercial application for delivery drivers, removing cash out of the system.

Loyalty and Rewards

The Digital Wallet accounting system also support Reward accounts. These accounts can be associated with merchant promotions, such as double points during a defined period of time of purchase. In addition, the system provides the ability to “monetize” the rewards into purchases or convert points to value, based on a set of rules.


The system can be defined so that the default funding source can be used to “top up” the Wallet account in real-time. As an example, if a customer is using their Digital Wallet to pay for goods or services, and their balance is not sufficient to cover the purchase, in real-time, the account can be funded to cover the payment transaction.

Robust User Experience

The Digital Wallet solution is supported by our Mobeix™ Digital Engagement platform which provides for a rich user experience for the mobile app that provides access to a customer’s digital account. Account and transaction inquiries, top-up sources, bill payments, P2P payments are a sample of what our solution supports.

The Tagit Difference

Omnichannel Experience

A seamless user experience across digital channels including mobile, tablet, internet banking, wearables and conversational banking.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

The open technology stack enables banks to deliver new banking services quickly while meeting business requirements or offering superior customer experience.


Ability to integrate seamlessly with banking host systems, payment gateways, social media and other third-party systems.

Enterprise-grade Security

Highly secure with end-to-end encryption from the client device to the banks’ servers and multiple industry certifications including PA-DSS v2.0.

Fast Time-to-market

Fast implementation, using developer enablement capabilities for rapid design and deployment allowing the bank to keep pace in the digital world.

Customer Insights

Leverage advanced analytics to gain valuable customer insights to build deeper relationships and deliver relevant services to consumers.

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