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Innovative solutions to increase customer engagement and loyalty


Innovative solutions to increase customer engagement and loyalty

Deliver Next Generation Banking Solutions, Today

While traditional financial services models continue to evolve, with a focus on improved digital services and experiences, brands need to consider how they recognise and reward existing customers through services such as real-time digital rewards across different channels. Banks can provide their customers timely offers and products leveraging the insights from the transactional data from their online spending habits.

Lifestyle Rewards for A Digital-First Consumer

The MobeixTM lifestyle solution is a one-stop solution for the customer’s entire lifestyle needs, providing a comprehensive mobile banking app or as part of your banking or cards app with all the retail banking features. It is tightly integrated so that the user experience for lifestyle features is seamless.

Mobeix™ Lifestyle Capabilities

Tagit’s digital lifestyle solution changes the way customers manage and redeem their coupons and deals offered by the bank:

Coupon Management

Customers can purchase coupons online and redeem them by scanning the merchant’s QR code using their smartphone.

Loyalty Platform

Manage loyalty campaigns to allow customers to maximize how they earn points.

Geo-location based offerings

Customers can take advantage of deals and privileges using the innovative augmented reality feature to locate nearby deals, ATMs or branches.

Rewards Redemption

Allow customers to easily redeem points by using them at the point of purchase, buy coupons or even convert their points to money.

Social and Gift Sharing:

Using the app, customer can send and receive gifts and share deals and promotions on social media (Facebook and Twitter).

Digital Customer Acquisition

Banks can manage the entire lifecycle for customer acquisition and on boarding. Leverging eKYC, facial recognition and ID match the customers can sign up for new cards.

Card Management

Banks can provide self-service features to customers for managing their cards from maintaining their credit limit, activating and blocking cards to reporting and replacing lost cards

Drive Card Usage

Leveraging push notifications and analytics, the bank can drive card usage by sending relevant location based deals and offers based on the customers personal preferences.

Digital Transactions

Customers can avail flexible payment options via EMIs and can pay a merchant by scanning a dynamic, static QR code or entering Merchant ID

The Tagit Difference

  • Supports a low cost, yet scalable deployment configuration.
  • Ability to auto top-up accounts in real-time at the point-of-purchase.
  • Supports the ability to monetize reward points.
  • Supports a broad set of channels and transactions associated with digital wallet accounts.
  • Onboarding process is quick and efficient including ability to integrate to the bank’s customer system to onboard existing bank customers automatically as well as a flexible KYC process.
  • The solution is part of the Mobeix™ Digital Engagement Platform which provides a robust platform for managing digital channels securely.
Mobeix™ Retail Banking Datasheet
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