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Bridging Tradition and Technology: Tagit’s Bespoke Solutions for Indian Banks

The digital banking landscape in India is undergoing a revolutionary transformation, with a new breed of customers who are inherently digital-first. The pandemic has not only accelerated the adoption of digital channels but has also compelled banks to reevaluate their siloed digital strategies. In this rapidly changing environment, the competition extends beyond traditional private and public banking services; fintech players and neobanks are swiftly rolling out enticing products, unburdened by legacy systems, and delivering superior user experiences. Amidst this, Tagit can enable banks in India as a strategic partner, addressing critical challenges and empowering them to thrive in this dynamic environment.

Tagit's Mission: Redefining User Experience, Innovating Continuously

Tagit recognizes the urgency for banks to provide customers with a seamless experience across any device or channel. We help banks fend off competition by delivering a best-in-class user experience, innovative features, and a robust and scalable platform. This commitment is reinforced by a continuous cycle of product upgrades that align with market demands and continuous technology change and compliance.

Key Solutions for Banks Looking to Scale Digitally

Banks aspiring to scale their digital product offerings, boost customer adoption, or expand their digital customer base can leverage Tagit’s modern, future-ready solutions. 

Banks facing performance issues with existing digital channel solutions can turn to Tagit for resolving these issues. The solutions are designed to align seamlessly with the banks’ digital channel strategy, ultimately enhancing the customer scorecard.

Banks burdened with legacy, siloed internet and mobile banking solutions, resulting in inconsistent customer experiences, can deploy Tagit’s omni-channel digital banking solutions. These solutions promise a modern user experience and consistent functionality and data across both channels. 

For banks struggling with legacy digital solutions where bringing new features to market is time-consuming or impractical, Tagit’s suite of products is well-architected for extensibility and quick time-to-market, ensuring that innovation is agile and responsive.

In today’s digital landscape, digital solution providers must stay diligent in the commitment to delivering an end-to-end set of security capabilities for a bank’s digital properties.  Tagit’s solutions and platform keep security as our most important deliverable to banks.

“Top banks in India with over 20 million customers are leveraging the Mobeix Digital Banking Platform for their growth and digital innovation”.

Market Fit and Positioning for India: Enabling the Digital Revolution for Banks

Tagit’s solutions are embraced by banks of all sizes in India, featuring a highly localized product suite of Retail and Corporate Banking adaptable to different types of banks in the market.

Offering highly localized, market-ready products that can be moulded according to each bank’s unique customer base, Tagit ensures a tailored approach for maximum impact. 

Tagit’s products are omnichannel by design. They seamless user experience has been built upon over several years of expertise in digital banking, incorporating ongoing input from clients. The entire suite of banking components is equipped with API functionality, facilitating Open Banking engagement, and enabling the broadening of customer outreach through partnerships.

From local payment integrations such as UPI, IMPS to onboarding processes, including video banking and eKYC, Tagit’s solutions are comprehensive and designed to meet the diverse needs of the Indian market.

The team diligently monitors all regulatory guidelines published by the RBI and ensures that the platform complies with them in a timely manner.

Tagit’s Mobeix platform provides end-to-end security at the device level. The architecture supports linear scalability so that as additional infrastructure capacity is added, the applications scale without fail. The combination of the Tagit architecture strength and multiple deployment options provided to banks today allows Tagit to provide the 99.99% availability required in the market.

Recognizing the diverse needs of the Indian market, Tagit’s solutions are scalable, allowing banks to grow and adapt in line with market demands. Banks with over 20 million users are using the Mobeix platform to scale their user base.

With a strong track record of successful local implementations, Tagit offers banks the assurance of a reliable and proven partner.

Tagit boasts a strong partner network, further enhancing its ability to provide comprehensive and effective solutions to banks in India.

In conclusion, Tagit emerges as a pivotal player in the digital banking revolution in India, addressing critical pain points faced by banks in a rapidly evolving landscape. With a commitment to innovation, user experience, and local adaptability, Tagit is empowering banks to not only stay relevant but to lead the charge in the digital-first era. 

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