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Digital Business Services

Deliver Innovative Business Services rapidly for a
quick Go-To-Market deployment

The core capability of any digital solution is in the business functionality that is delivered across all of the digital channels. Along with providing a robust, secure and scalable digital engagement platform, Tagit also delivers a library of business functions to support all of the solution lines in the Tagit portfolio.

Banking components and business services are built on Mobeix™, an open technology stack and multi-layered architecture that enables banks and government agencies to deliver innovative new business services rapidly, resulting in faster go-to-market deployment.

Mobeix™ provides different levels of business functionality based on the type of transaction, including:

  • Pass-thru services (or Reference UIs):
    Services that are created to perform data validation from the channel prior to sending the transaction to the system of record.
  • Functional components:
    The business functionality required to support capabilities in the channel layer, including business components such as fees and limits, beneficiary management, biller management or coupon management.
  • Functional sub-systems:
    Complete systems that provide end-to-end back-end functionality that sits alongside the platform.

Modular architecture provides:

  • Modular based components that provide the business functionality to support the transactions and capabilities the customer uses at the digital touch point.
  • Business services with a defined set of APIs, to enable access by all channels.
  • Defined extension techniques, provided to extend functionality if required.

Mobeix™ combined with the suite of business capabilities, can streamline the deployment of digital channels. The key to deploying digital omnichannel solutions effectively is access to and reusability of the business functionality required for each channel. Avoiding channel-specific business services is essential for reducing the complexity of the digital architecture.

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