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Digital Customer Engagement

Mobeix™ makes it easy for customers to use digital options from their bank or a government agency. The digital platform provides support for customer touchpoints and capabilities on rapidly-changing devices, enabling accelerated usage and rapid adoption of chat-based channels.

The Digital Customer Engagement layer of Mobeix™ enables customers to engage the bank or government agency easily. These channels include touchpoints where the customer’s intent is explicit, such as the mobile devices, and touchpoints where the customer’s intent needs to be derived based on the context of their interaction, such as a conversation. The token-based transactions from channels to business services leverage the highest levels of security.

User-friendly Customer Experience

The Mobeix™ mobility editor empowers developers to rapidly configure mobile UI screens via a drag and drop interface and deploy them to multiple channels (Native Apps and Mobile Web), all major platforms and devices. This technology, combined with Tagit’s UX skills, produces innovative and user-friendly customer engagement.

Conversational Next Gen Assistance

The Mobeix™ Conversational Engagement capability, is based on the Amazon Lex Natural Language processing platform. Lex, combined with Lambda and other technologies, provides a platform that can be used in multiple chat or voice-based channels and offers multi-language support. Channels supported by Tagit include stand-alone apps, browser-based windows, in-app, and Facebook Messenger.

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