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Conversational Banking
in 8 weeks

The rapid advent of the use of social media, messaging platforms and voice assistants by digital-first consumers presents a new and powerful channel for banks to engage with customers. We are now experiencing adoption levels that would indicate this is not a question of “if” customers will adopt this style of interaction, but more a question of “when” the bank will provide this additional channel to their customers, which the industry now refers to as Conversational Banking.

Conversational Banking can potentially drive down costs and improve customer experience resulting in increased customer engagement and retention.

In this webinar we will share insights on:              

  • Benefits for both banks and their customers
  • Conversational Fundamentals: Building Blocks
  • Successfully designing your Conversational Banking journey
  • Design to Deployment in 8 weeks
  • Conversational Banking demo in English – Mandarin

Date: Friday, September 27, 2019
Time: 3pm Singapore time

Rick Woodham, Head – Product Management & Business Solutions

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