Transforming Customer Experience Through
Conversational Engagements


Transforming Customer Experience Through Conversational Engagements

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With the rapid advent of social media, messaging platforms and voice assistants like Alexa, consumers are increasingly moving to conversational and chat-based interactions. This new customer interaction paradigm is forcing banks to open a third channel beyond branches and mobile and leverage artificial intelligence and natural language processing advancements to offer conversational banking and virtual assistants to customers for conducting their banking transactions and providing customer service.

Implement Conversational Banking in 8 weeks

With Mobeix™ Conversational Banking, banks can enable customers to engage digitally for services ranging from balance inquiries, making payments to getting information on new products and signing up for new services. Customers can use a chat interface on the bank’s online services, mobile app or social media channels for full voice-based conversations on a phone or a smart device .

Leveraging industry-leading NLP, our solution enables banks to provide natural interactions in a seamless manner between customers and chat-bots.

Mobeix™ Conversational Banking Services

Conversational Channels

Tagit’s conversational banking platform supports multiple channels for engagement, including Facebook messenger and a Responsive UI for embedding in the bank’s website or alongside their mobile app. In addition, the Mobeix™ platform supports voice enablement of your existing apps built with Mobeix™, to allow customers to navigate through the app using voice commands.

Comprehensive Information

  • Answer consumer queries from simple requests like “tell me my saving account balance”, “when is my credit card payment due” to more contextual inquiries like “tell me nearby offers on my credit card”, to fulfilling service request like “has my cheque cleared?”, the bank can provide a virtual assistant to their customers for all their information needs. 

Contextual Assistance

  • The conversational interface provides targeted information to customers such as location-based offers for a more relevant engagement.
  • Customers can locate nearby bank branches/ATM using the conversational bot.

Increased Reach For Your Digital Assets

  • Convert your mobile and internet digital assets by voice-enabling them and reach an increased customer base.
  • Increase your community outreach by making your mobile app accessible to the visually impaired through full voice interactions.


  • Customers on-the-go can complete transactions such as bill payments, fund transfer, mobile re-charge and credit card management.
  • Place requests such as ordering cheque books of different accounts.
  • Customers can manage preferences by giving instructions on their phone or smart speaker or other devices without having to log on the web or a mobile application.

The Tagit Difference

Natural language understanding:

Supports both text and voice in a natural conversational style, mimicking a bank’s customer service representative’s conversation with the customer.

Omnichannel solutions:

One engine to engage customers through multiple channels, including mobile applications, internet banking, responsive web services, standalone apps, social media apps like Facebook Messenger and voice assistants Amazon Alexa.

Sentiment analysis:

The customer’s sentiment can be determined during the conversation as negative, neutral or positive, and the app can respond accordingly.

Engaging user interface:

An intuitive interface for customers to use a blend of voice, text and visual aids to engage the bank in conversations.

Secured Interaction:

Ensures high level of privacy & protection of all transactions and customer data with robust security model.

Flexible architecture:

Based on a mix of cloud, native and on-premise technologies, banks can maintain complete control of the customer information and be compliant with internal and external security guidelines.

Mobeix™ Conversational Banking Datasheet
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