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The Next Frontier in Digital Transformation for Banks

Deliver Next-Generation Banking Solutions, Today

Banks have been slow to digitise corporate banking, as products are complex and it has been driven as a bank-led engagement through relationship managers rather than a self-driven engagement by the clients. Now, though, the acceleration of customers usage of digital channels is forcing banks to adopt digital innovation to transform corporate banking to deliver real-time account and transaction information to relevant stakeholders in the business enabling them to make informed decisions.

Digitise Complex Corporate Banking Functions with Ease

Mobeix Corporate Banking enables banks to manage and optimize their corporate client engagement across any device and channel. Clients have access to a comprehensive dashboard detailing their liquidity position across accounts, upcoming payments and receipts to make better informed cash management decisions. Clients can execute all their transactions through a single interface and receive real-time notifications for various banking transactions. Advanced workflows, access control rights and corporate admin facilities allow business to effectively manage their users.

Mobeix Corporate Banking Features

Tagit’s omnichannel (internet and mobile) out-of-the-box digital corporate banking product provides business/corporate banking features that can be deployed quickly with real-time integration to the bank’s back end and host systems

Dashboard Services

The solution provides a comprehensive dashboard with pictorial representation of multiple company account balances in all the different currencies, accounts transaction, forex rates and notifications. It also provides the real-time transaction and settlement status and information on the go.

Account Services

The solution enables the SMEs to know the real-time balances and account information for all the different types of accounts in a single view. Provides aggregation of balances by currency and for each subsidiary within organisation group. SMEs are empowered with the account details, transaction history for the individual accounts.

Cash and Liquidity Services

The solution provides a range of cash management services to SMEs starting from simple transfers to complex functions like batch uploads, payroll, sweep services etc.

Trade Finance Services

The solution provides a range of trade finance services that can be created online without manual intervention. Complex trade/documentary credit applications are carefully designed to provide simplified and assisted user journey, that would help the corporates to accelerate the end-to-end process. SMEs would be able to create LC, BG, Shipping Guarantee, Bill collections online.

Corporate Lending/Credit Lines

The solution provides a single view of all the different credit lines of the SMEs. The information would help the SMEs to know the outstanding principles, limits consumed and available limit under each credit lines. Contracts are grouped logically into different products that would allow the SMEs to get the clear representation of the outstanding liabilities.

Scalable and Collaborative Platform

Relationships between corporate banks and their clients are traditionally managed by relationship managers (RMs). Our corporate banking solution allows RMs to spend more time with their clients with greater automation thereby reducing back-office administration requirements.

The Mobeix Digital Banking platform allows seamless interfacing and integration with other fintech and third-party vendors to deliver a combined value proposition for the bank’s corporate customers.

SME & Corporate Banking Playbook

The Tagit Difference

Seamless Omnichannel Experience

Seamless Omnichannel Experience

Orchestration of multiple systems that work together to provide a unified customer experience across multiple touch points.

End-to-end Security

End-to-end Security

Highest level of security for transactions is ensured using a digital signature. Secure remote access is provided via 2FA with push notification for real-time updates.

Enhanced Usability

Enhanced Usability

The admin function provides an optimal way to onboard corporates, register billers, maintain reference data, and view real-time accounts & companies all at one place.

Identify and Access Management

Easy to set up and manage users’ roles reflecting the organization structure. Ability to grant granular access control at transaction and information field level.

Information On-the-go

Information On-the-go

Corporates get access to the liquidity positions, real-time transaction status & instant alerts on any device any time.

Flexible Technology Stack & Integration Capabilities

Flexible Technology Stack & Integration Capabilities

Banks can integrate to both their backend banking systems as well as the clients’ ERP and business systems to provide real-time access and straight through processing of transactions.


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