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Digital Game Changers

Thought Leadership Series

Episode 12

In Conversation with Mr. Melvin Yeo, General Manager, Head of Information Services at Singapura Finance Ltd., Singapore

In Episode 12 of Digital Game Changers podcast/webcast series by Tagit, we are joined by Melvin Yeo, General Manager, Head of Information Services at Singapura Finance Ltd.

Singapura Finance Ltd is a Singapore-based finance company. The Company offers personal and corporate banking. Melvin leads the bank in their digitalization journey. In the nearly 20 years with the company, he has executed the replacement of the entire banking system, implemented microservices within the organization to improve systems agility/compatibility and collaborated with partners, like Tagit, to bring in digital services capabilities to the bank.

Key topics discussed include:

  • Can you describe for us the state of business of the financial services marketplace in Singapore today especially relative to commercial finance companies such as yours? 
  • How has Covid accelerated your digital transformation? Are the consumers now more digitally savvy? 
  • Tell us about your new Retail and Corporate Digital Banking application? How will it improve and enhance the customer experience?
  • What are SFL’s plans for accelerating adoption of digital channels by their customers
  • How will the new digital channels impact the other channels. i.e. branch, call center, atm, etc.? 
  • What are the new business of technology areas SFL is pursuing now that MVP is in place for mobile/internet, like expanded payments etc.? 

Tune in to hear some great insights!

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