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Digital Game Changers

Thought Leadership Series

Episode 14

In Conversation with Mr. Sheldon Goh, Director, Worldwide Financial Services, Microsoft Industry & Partner Sales, Singapore.

In Season 2 Episode 14, of Digital Game Changers podcast/webcast series by Tagit, we are joined by Mr. Sheldon Goh, Director, Worldwide Financial Services, Microsoft Industry & Partner Sales, Singapore.

Sheldon Goh is the Industry Director of Microsoft’s Worldwide Financial Services Group. He is a regular speaker at industry forums representing Microsoft as a thought leader on innovations and trends shaping Financial Services Industry in Asia. At Microsoft he is part of a team focused on helping industry champions in their digital transformation journey. He leads the Risk and Compliance Chapter for Asia and works to grow the competency, business, and ecosystem for Azure cloud adoption, artificial intelligence, and machine learning for risk and compliance.

Key topics discussed include:

  • Historically, Microsoft has not been top of mind for banks as a technology partner. However, there has been a shift over the last many years and Microsoft making great progress in the FSI sector. What are the key areas of strength Microsoft is bringing to financial services?
  • One of the areas that has been highly successful for Microsoft is Azure. Azure is very competitive globally as a cloud provider. Signing partners such as FIS with their next generation core banking is one example. What is Microsoft seeing by way of adoption of Azure (and cloud technologies in generally) globally and how is Microsoft working with banks and regulators to push the use of cloud technologies in the FSI sector
  • A lot of attention is being given to ChatGPT. Microsoft has announced the inclusion of the Open AI technologies in the Microsoft offerings. How does Microsoft envision this AI technology helping banks today?
  • At a macro level, what are some of the key technology areas you see influencing banks today, especially as it relates to their digital properties?

Tune in to hear some great insights!

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