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Digital Game Changers

Thought Leadership Series

Episode 19

In Conversation with Nelson Wootton, Co-founder and CEO of SaaScada

In Season 3 Episode 19, of Digital Game Changers podcast/webcast series by Tagit, we are joined by Nelson Wootton,
Co-founder and CEO of SaaScada. SaaScada is a UK-based data-driven cloud-native core banking engine, using
cloud-native architecture.

Nelson has held many senior technology and business roles over the last 20 years, including several CTO and CIO roles
delivering global projects. Nelson is a cloud evangelist, having worked on and in cloud (and nothing but cloud) since
2006. His extensive experience and huge passion for technology and its ability to transform business processes, coupled with a track record of delivery, has enabled transformational changes in numerous businesses over the years. He has led, scaled, and exited two technology businesses. As a huge technology enthusiast, Nelson still gets excited by the possibilities!

Key topics discussed include:

  • As cloud technologies are becoming more mainstream, there have been multiple new modern core banking
    systems that have come to market. Saascada’s solution is architected a bit differently than many of these
    modern core systems. What make Saascada’s approach to core banking different?
  • Digital adoption is forcing banks to look at their back-office systems to better support straight-through-processing
    of many traditional features needed by customers that historically have required some type of back-office
    intervention. How does Saascada’s solution better enable capabilities of the digital channels and enhance the
    customer experience?
  • If a bank could start over with the IT systems, what would you recommend to a bank about how to best approach
    using modern technologies for not only client facing apps but back office? Since it’s not practical to start over,
    how are you working with banks to move away from much of their legacy systems?
  • How can core banking systems such as yours help differentiate a bank in the market?
  • What should we be looking out for relative to technology innovations that will impact digital experiences over the
    next 18-24 months?

Tune in to hear some great insights!

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