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Digital Game Changers

Thought Leadership Series

Episode 4:

In Conversation with Christopher Chan, CIO – Thai Credit Retail Bank, Thailand

In Episode 4 of ‘Digital Game Changers’ by Tagit, we sit down with Christopher Chan, CIO of Thai Credit Retail Bank to discuss a myriad of topics including the banking landscape in Thailand, payments and microfinance, and the digital trends in 2022 and beyond.

Some of the topics discussed include:

  • What has been the most significant changes in the way banks in Thailand are approaching digital capabilities over the last 18-24 months?
  • Payment capabilities in Thailand have significantly improved over the last 12 months, both for consumers and merchants. Do you believe this is helping drive digital adoption outside of the major metropolitan areas and what other initiatives do you believe banks should consider to further drive digital adoption?
  • Several of the major banks in Thailand have launched subsidiaries focused on digital initiatives, such as AI, Blockchain and others. Do you believe these initiatives will continue and do you believe they will have a significant impact on the digital capabilities across Thailand as a whole?
  • For your bank, what are the major areas of digital focus over the next two years and how much of this is/was influenced by Covid?
  • What is your outlook for digital in Thailand over the next few years and how much of this will be influenced by the “core modernization” of the banks?

Tune in to hear some great insights!

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