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Digital Game Changers

Thought Leadership Series

Episode 8:

In Conversation with Rachel Freeman, Chief Growth Officer of Tyme

In Episode 8 of Digital Game Changers podcast/webcast series by Tagit, we are joined by
Rachel Freeman, Chief Growth Officer of Tyme

Tyme is building a multi-country digital bank network, with a unique high-touch approach for customer uptake. The Group is headquartered in Singapore with Tyme Bank in South Africa, and GOtyme in the Philippines. Tyme Bank is the first digital bank in South Africa with now 4.8M customers and Tyme now holds a new banking license in the Philippines for GOTyme.
Rachel Freeman is an experienced and internationally recognized financial expert, particularly in the areas of financial inclusion and innovative financial technologies. Rachel’s previous experience has been heavily involved in digital technology, customer acquisition and growth and fintech collaboration for banks.
Some of the topics discussed include:
  • TymeBank is very successful in South Africa. What has driven your success in South Africa?
  • Now you are coming to Asia.  What similarities are you seeing in the Philippines or across Asia that you believe makes a compelling business case for launching a digital only bank?
  • You have a hybrid – High tech – high touch approach? How does this work?
  • Tell us about your digital strategy/ transformation initiatives for Tyme Bank?
  • Digital only banks certainly have an advantage of not having a lot of legacy technology to overcome. What are some of the key technology drivers that come into play with a digital only bank?
    – What technology and/or customer trends do you see in the South Africa market that you think the digital only banks will be able to respond to, maybe, faster than some of the traditional banks today?
  • Many banks are expanding their digital ecosystems to enhance customer experience and customerloyalty. Will this be the next table stakes for banks? How important is an ecosystem for Tyme?

Tune in to hear some great insights!

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