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Digital Government

Smart Nation Solutions for Better
Citizen Engagement
As government agencies look for ways to serve and engage citizens better, they are increasingly seeking opportunities for more meaningful engagement leveraging multiple digital channels.  Expanding communication between governments and their constituents, many of whom use digital apps for almost everything they do, is a core tenet of a Smart Nation strategy. By offering secure messaging inboxes and real-time feedback, Tagit can facilitate the development of new engagement channels between agencies and the people they serve.

When government agencies want to develop digital services for end users, they can leverage the innovative Mobeix™ omnichannel digital engagement platform to move through the government’s fast-track process of procurement. Our solutions for Government agencies give us the foundation to understand the unique requirements of how best to service customers through the digital channels.

Digital Knowledge

Tagit partnered with the National Library Board of Singapore (NLB) to develop a mobile app that enables citizens to access the library anytime, anywhere on any device.  

Besides providing convenient access to library content and information, services and transactions, other key features include access to the latest eBook titles, access to eMagazines and eNewspapers, eLearning courses, on-the-spot checkout for library items, search and borrow functions for eBooks, as well as search and registration functions for library programmes.

It is the first library app in the world to enable a one-step secure mobile checkout of library items by just scanning the barcode without requiring patrons to locate a RFID tag disarming station.

Digital Health

The proliferation of fitness and activity-tracking mobile apps has brought personal health management into the digital age. Government initiatives to promote healthy lifestyles and provide more direct government-to-citizen medical communications are also part of their Smart Nation strategies.


Tagit has partnered with Sport Singapore to develop the ‘Active Health Management System (AHMS) for promoting and enabling individual ownership of health management through the mobile application channel. Through this app citizens can know their individual health at a glance, get recommendations of programmes and facilities, based on proximity and preference and have the ability to proceed for booking. They can improve individual health through awareness, screen time, nutrition, sleep and physical activity.

Tagit Digital Government Services

Enhanced Usability

The admin function provides an optimal way to onboard admin and end-users, register partners, maintain reference data, and view real-time transactions all at one place

Identity & Access Management

Easy to set up and manage user roles reflecting the Agency’s organization structure. Ability to grant granular access control at transaction and information field level

Information On-the-go

Government administrators get access to real-time transaction status & instant alerts on any device any time

Flexible Technology Stack and Integration Capabilities

Government organisations can integrate to their backend systems as well third party systems to provide real-time access and processing of transactions.

The Tagit Difference

Seamless Omnichannel Experience

Orchestration of multiple systems that work together to provide a unified Citizen-centric experience across multiple touch points

End-to-end Security

Highest level of security for transactions is ensured using a digital signature. Secure remote access is provided via 2FA with push notification for real-time updates. Mobeix™ is accredited by IMDA’s SG:D Accreditation programme since 2014.


Tagit is one of the first three companies to have been accredited by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA)

Fast Time-to-market

Fast implementation, using developer enablement capabilities for rapid design and deployment allowing the bank to keep pace in the digital world.

Smart Nations Datasheet
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