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Redefine Customer Onboarding Experience

Deliver Next-Generation Banking Solutions, Today

The increased use of digital capabilities and channels across all industries has had and continues to have a dramatic impact on how customers expect to engage with their bank. Knowing that you only have one chance to make a first impression puts great pressure on providing a customer-friendly, frictionless experience for how a customer becomes your customer. The onboarding journey is the customer’s first impression of how they will be able to interact you with the bank once an account is opened. Additionally, ensuring a smooth onboarding process can give the banks an edge over competitors as well as enhancing how existing customer relationships are expanded with new products and services.

Streamline the Customer Onboarding Journey

Mobeix Digital Onboarding, enables banks to accelerate the customer onboarding journey by automating the end-to-end process in a simplified and streamlined manner by using the most current biometrics capabilities, capturing accurate information, adhering to regulatory standards and optimising operational efficiency.

Our solution can provide the bank with the ability to provide a seamless onboarding experience, end to end, without any human intervention, or provide human intervention when and where required

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Mobeix Digital Onboarding Capabilities

Our solution automates the complete onboarding process, providing personalised customer experience.

1.Data Capture

Seamless Data Capture & Extraction

  • Collect customer’s data either through manual entry or retrieving information from identity documents using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology
  • Auto-filling of data from the scanned documents

Identity Proof

  • The solution validates the scanned identity documents including the images from mobile or tablet
  • Validates the proof with highly secured features such as hologram, edge detection etc. by use of advanced technologies such as AI and ML
2. Identity Proof

eKYC AML/Blacklist Checks

  • Verification of captured customer’s data for blacklist or AML by integrating with KYC (Know Your Customers) for identity checks
  • Validation of background check helps to expose the customer’s credibility and for credit scoring

Real-time Proof of Ownership

  • Confirmation of proof of possession of document by asking the customer to take a selfie and validating the same with picture captured from the document including AI features to support liveness detection and other facial features
  • User validation can be supplemented through Email/SMS OTP 
4.Realtime proof of ownership
5.Digital ID

Digital ID

  • Integrate to country’s regulators maintained Digital/Unique ID through available open API’s to fetch customer details or validate biometric information (if maintained)

Digital Signature

  • E-signature/Digital Signature feature enables banks to provide a digital seal on the onboarding digital document generated for the customer
6.Digital Signature
7. Comprehensive onboarding flow

Comprehensive onboarding flow

  • Comprehensive onboarding flow covering product suggestion, creation of customer user id and password across all channels,
  • Setting up an account in the core system and integration to any payment system to fulfil funding needs

Customer Authentication

  • Customer is authenticated through two-factor authentication mechanism such as Email/SMS OTP as part of the onboarding process
8. Customer Authentication

The Tagit Difference

Enhanced User Experience

Digital onboarding provides greater flexibility and user-friendly interface for customers to create accounts & to use the banking services.

Reduce Cost-to-Serve

Automation of process reduces the overhead of manual interventions while increasing productivity

Accurate Evidence Validation

Enhanced Customer due diligence process using AI, ML for banks and credit score reduces AML/ blacklist risk

Reduce Customer Lead Time

Seamless process integrated with document validation and faster support reduces customer’s onboarding lead time results in better customer experience. Onboarding new customers should be measured in minutes; not hours or days

Streamlined Process

Personalised digital onboarding journey for customers with a reduction in multiple touchpoints, has a significant impact on banks revenue

Increase Customer Acquisition

Effortless digital enrolment with better user experience, increases the number of account openings, decreases drop-out rates and increases customer loyalty

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