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How to Make Customers Fall in Love with Your App?

Think about your favourite app or the app you use most frequently. How do you feel when you use the app? Does it always exceed your expectations? Or provides the very basic features leaving a twinge of frustration when you finish? 

So, how do you make your banking digital app an experience your customers talk about to friends and neighbours? No greater marketing than word-of-mouth endorsements. Consumer apps have to build in way that exceeds their expectations To provide an experience that continuously exceeds your customer’s expectations doesn’t just happen. It happens by following a few basic principles and understanding how you want to lead your customers along your digital journey.

So, what are key areas of focus for the digital journey? In our upcoming webinar, we will share insights on:

  1. Provide a holistic customer experience by addressing organizational constraints.
  2. Building foundational pillars: Straight-through processing and real-time processing. 
  3. Can’t be said enough, but the user experience is foundational.
  4. Using an Agile approach to continuous improvement.
  5. Understand how the digital capabilities will support the bank’s business mandates and market expansion expectations.
Date: Thursday, August 22
Time: 3pm Singapore time
Rick Woodham, Head – Product Management & Business Solutions

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