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Client-Side Developer (Philippines)


Client-Side Developer (Philippines)

Years of Experience

2-5 years of experience


We are looking for highly talented, motivated, and a driven individual with sound knowledge and expertise to design, develop, test, document, deploy & support high-quality web applications using Android and iOS applications.

This role is ideal for you if you have a background in mobile operating systems and are looking for the next level of career growth in a fast-paced, learning-based and merit-driven work environment.

What you will be doing

  • Should have hands-on development experience on Android and iOS applications
  • Knowledge of UI/UX best practices and design standards, experience with localization tools for iOS and Android platforms.
  • Hands-on experience on third-party SDK integrations on iOS and Android applications.
  • Experience on touch ID and other biometrics integrations will be an added advantage
  • Ensure the versioning of application and documents are controlled using SVN

What you will bring along

  • Combination of iOS or Android developer.
  • Proficiency in asynchronous/multi-threaded programming specific to mobile devices.
  • Hands-on native iOS development experience with proficiency in Objective-C /Swift using XCode.
  • Experience working with Web Services using iOS SDK.
  • Knowledge of debugging and test tools like UI Automation, analysis with Instruments and other tools.
  • Deep understanding of how Android works (Dalvik, ART)
  • Experience developing with the Android SDK.
  • Experience in handling the performance and memory of the Android App.
  • Android UI development with the latest framework and techniques.
  • Deep understanding of responsibility and life cycle basic components (Activity, Broadcast Receiver, Service, Content Provider)
  • Understanding of architecture of mobile applications, common patterns and design. Should be capable of leveraging the capabilities of (Camera, GPS, etc.)
  • Experience with JSON, SOAP, Rest, XML and XHTML.
  • Experience with databases like SQLite, NoSQL and key-value storages.
  • Knowledge of HTML5, JavaScript, and the third party API (like Facebook, Twitter etc.) will be added advantage.
  • Experience with Ant, Maven, Gradle.
  • Experience working with a tool-chain that includes Git, SVN.
  • Understanding of algorithms, data structures, complexity, optimization, caching and security.
  • Deep understanding of both Google Cloud Messaging and Apple Push Notification Service including the configuration of registration servers, notification types, payloads etc

Key Skills:

Mobile Operating System: iOS & Android

Languages: Objective C, Swift, Java, JavaScript, C.

Persistent Store: SQLite, Core Data

IDE and Version Control Tool: Xcode and iOS SDK, Android Studio

Concepts and Buzzwords: OOPS, OOA / OOD (Design Patterns), Automated Testing, Unit Testing, Auto Layout, Multi­Threading (GCD, NSOperation), SOAP WSDL, REST.

Kindly click here and send us your application and CV. Please include the Job Position and Office you are applying to in the email subject line.

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