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Mobeix™ Analytics

The Mobeix™ Digital Engagement Platform provides a wealth of data to support the reporting and analytical requirements of the client. The base capability of the platform includes:

• A configurable operational dashboard
• Adminstrative reports and analytics
• Customer reports and analytics

The Mobeix™ Dashboard component can be configured to show operational statistics, such as number of logins or total transaction counts/amounts as well as performance statistics such as real-time TPS or total response time of service execution.

All of the data that passes through the Mobeix platform is captured to provide the Adminstrator with a wealth of data on:

• User permissions and status
• Full audit of data changes
• Full details of the services invoked in the platform
• Full information related to devices and platforms being supported, along with the OS versions

A full range of data for customer reports is available on:

• App usage: Mobeix™ is a multi-tenant platform
• Transaction usage: Statistics of volume and value
• Device info: Such as makes and models of devices being used
• Geo-locator: The ability to use geo-locations to determine where customers are using which services most frequently

The digital channel data that is captured can also be used in downstream systems to be combined with other operational and customer performance data to give a complete view of the customer’s engagements with the bank. This information is valuable in continuing to improve the performance and usage of the functionality being provided to the end customer.

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