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Importance of mobile banking software

The growth of digital or online banking has led to an enhanced experience for customers. One of the popular digital channels for banking is mobile banking. 

With more than 55% internet users accessing the internet from their mobile phones, the use of mobile banking software has become popular. Customers can access their bank account on their mobile phones.

 Mobile apps are available for bank customers using which they can carry out banking transactions easily and conveniently.

What does mobile banking software offer customers?

A software app for mobile banking offers a great experience for bank customers who can use the app to do all their banking from the comfort of their home or office. The bank also benefits by offering this app. 

It allows them to streamline their operations and reduce manpower and costs. Mobile banking software offers customers a number of features to do their banking transactions. 

This includes:

Great user experience
The banking app would be designed in a simple, yet user-friendly way. This ensures that the app provides a great experience for the user. The interface for the app would be in such a way that it resembles the website of the bank and other digital channels. This ensures uniformity in appearance and makes working the app more comfortable for the customer.
Also, the app would be designed in such a way that it can be used on any device. It also responds to change in the way the device is held, like in portrait or landscape mode. This ensures a comfortable experience for the user while working with the app.

Banking online 
The app ensures that the customer can carry out the entire banking transactions online. Whether it is viewing account balance or viewing complete list of transactions, it can be done with just a single tap. The customer can use the app to pay bills online, order a cheque book, and also interact with the bank or any purpose.
All the facilities that are available on other banking channels, whether it is through the website or face to face at the branch, would be available through the app. This makes it convenient for the customer, who can use any channel to carry out transactions and experience the same convenience and comfort.

Secure banking
One of the most important concerns in online banking is security. There are many customers who don’t use online banking as they fear that their password and account details can be hacked. There are many instances of online fraud, which can create potentially serious problems for customers. That is why a world-class app, like the one developed by Tagit mobile gives a lot of importance to security. The app is a complete and secure solution for customers.
Different levels of passwords can be used, one to login and the other to transact. Also, while transacting a two-factor authentication can be done. In this, the customer has to enter his password and also a special one time password (OTP). This ensures extra security. Also, features like session time out ensures a higher level of security preventing unauthorized access. The features of the software ensure that it is highly secure.

Supports different platforms
The app supports different platforms, whether it is Android or iOS. It makes use of all the functionalities of the operating system to provide a great experience for users. Whichever platform is used, the software provides the same kind of experience for users.

Offline usage
To help those who are in areas with limited internet connectivity or in cases where users have run out of internet bandwidth, offline usage is available. This ensures that users can use the app even when there is no internet connectivity. They can view the balance as on the time when they last accessed the internet. They can carry out transactions even when there is no internet connectivity. Whenever they get internet access, the transactions would be carried out. This makes it convenient for users. 

Benefits of using mobile banking software for banks

Mobile banking software has many benefits for banks. This includes:

working 24/7 for customers
The app ensures that the bank is working 24/7 for customers. It allows customers to access their bank account and transact on it at any time and from any place. While the bank branch is open only for a few hours and is closed on holidays, banking using the app ensures that the bank is working for customers at any time they want.

full control over their account
Customers are empowered and have full control over their account. This helps to create satisfied customers, who would have a good relationship with the bank and avail of more of the bank’s services.

premium services
The app can be used to reach out and engage with customers and offer them premium services. They can also promote credit cards, and other offerings to customers through the bank.

reduce manpower and save costs
Use of the app reduces the workload of bank branches and allows the bank to reduce manpower and save costs.

It is of course and environment-friendly move as it avoids use of paper for printing of bank statements, etc.

high level of accuracy
Using software helps banks to reduce errors and ensure a high level of accuracy. This reduces customer complaints and enhances the quality of services provided to the customer.

When a customer transacts on the app, the bank can understand what services the customer would need and offer the same to the customers.

Mobile banking software allows customers convenient banking at any place and any time. Tagit Mobile is one of the leading solution providers in the banking sector. The app-based software that they have designed is one of the best in the market that not only makes banking convenient but also makes it highly secure. All risks related to online banking can be addressed and a secure online banking experience ensured when the software by Tagit Mobile is used.

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