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Cardless Cash Withdrawal With UOB

With the new Mobile Cash feature on UOB’s mobile banking app, you can now transfer cash to your loved ones instantly without them having to use an ATM card. This mobile cash service is part of UOB’s Mobile Application and makes UOB the first bank here to link its mobile app to instant physical cash access.

UOB customers can pre-register their recipients (even if they are not UOB customers) on the UOB website. Then, they select the Mobile Cash feature on their UOB mobile banking app. Next, they select the debit account and withdrawal amount. After selecting the recipient’s name, customers will be asked to enter a withdrawal password, which they share with the recipient. The recipient then receives SMS instructions. They can with draw the money from any UOB ATM in Singapore without using an ATM card. At the ATM, the recipient keys in the withdrawal password given by the sender and enters the one-time password sent to their mobile phone by SMS.

UOB’s head of group channels Ms Wendy Teo said: “We developed Singapore’s first Mobile Cash application for our customers to transfer money securely and easily. Our mobile application is not just about having Internet banking transactions on the mobile screen. UOB’s Mobile Cash gives our customers something new; something they need and something that will help make a difference in their lives. We are essentially putting a ‘branch in the hand’ of our customers.”

In addition to its innovative Mobile Cash feature, UOB’s mobile app offers a “point and view” feature where users can check out the latest card promotions and privileges, and nearest UOB branches and ATMs. Tap on the promotion or UOB location and it gets the address and directions to get there. Users can find more than 1,000 merchant offers through the app.

And for those who are always on-the-go, they can access their financial transactions using the UOB mobile app and check out their fund transfers, account balances and bill payment options for more than 100 service providers. The UOB mobile app also allows users real-time access to financial information including deposit rates, exchange rates, unit trust prices and gold and silver prices. It even has a special calculator to help work out details about personal loans, home equity financing and financial goals.

The UOB Mobile Application is available for iPhones and iPads, with plans to launch Android, Blackberry and Mobile Web versions next year.

Download the innovative UOB mobile app for free from the iTunes store.

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