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Mobeix Digital Banking Platform

An award-winning Omnichannel, Cloud-Native Digital Banking Platform for banks to power their digital transformation.

Mobeix Digital Banking Platform

An award-winning Omnichannel, Cloud-Native Digital Banking Platform for banks to power their digital transformation.


The Mobeix Omnichannel Digital Banking Platform is cloud native, SaaS-deployable enabling banks to efficiently process $100B+ in transactions annually and significantly grow their online customer bases by offering award-winning, secure and personalized UX.

Omni-channel by design

Native App Experience

Developer enablement tools

End-to-End Security

Multi-Lingual Support

Identity & Access Management (IAM)


DevOps support

Multi-currency Support

Highly scalable for millions of users

Innovative features such as Augmented Reality, Shake Offers, Geo-fencing etc.

Deployment options for on-premise or Cloud, including Containerization support

The Mobeix Digital Banking platform is the perfect intersection of product and platform.
What does this mean for you?

  • Fast-track your digital deployment by out-of-the box features supported by the full suite of digital banking security and operations support from the Mobeix platform ​
  • Flexibility to create new and innovative features using the platform tooling, components and frameworks for faster development of digital features
  • Comprehensive configurations available for the back-office, IT security and data centre operations
  • Integration to third party solutions via SDK consumption or API invocation to support the bank’s eco-system of digital offerings


Developer Enablement Tools

Includes the architecture frameworks, mobility editor which is a robust library of images and widgets that enables users of native and hybrid apps to take full advantage of the breadth of device capabilities.

Enterprise Notifications

Supports a broad range of messaging capabilities including SMS, Email, push notifications, and browser messages. These channels are supported by a robust and rich actionable messaging template and can support geo-location-based and browser-based messaging.

End-to-end Security

All aspects of security required to support digital channels are provided from encrypted,token-based transactions to the device. Identity access management capabilities are supported by common login security capabilities such as biometrics, one-time password (OTP) and secure soft tokens.

Robust Administrative and Platform Analytics

Includes a wide range of reports and analytics that show how the platform is performing and how the platform is being used, such as understanding transaction volumes, transaction mix, etc.


The Mobeix Platform, built using a micro-services architecture, can be deployed using the latest containerization technology


Mobeix allows enterprises to host several applications on the same platform. This allows enterprises to host multiple apps (mobile banking, lifestyle, and so on) for multiple countries on the same hardware and software stack leading to a lower TCO and an improved ROI.

Open Technologies/Standards

Mobeix is based on Open Technologies such as Java, Angular and Spring Boot.

Open Banking

The Mobeix platform components and banking components can be exposed to third parties using the component robust set of APIs

Powerful Next-Generation Digital Platform

Comprehensive Business Services & Capabilities

  • Out-of-the-box retail, corporate banking solutions
  • Ability to extend off-the-shelf banking functionalities with internal & external extensions
  • Voice channels integrated to the Mobeix business services

Reusable Business Components

  • Building blocks to support retail and corporate banking solutions
  • Scale evolution and maintenance to quickly achieve concrete business value

Robust Platform Architecture

  • Provides secure and scalable architecture like session management, client-side, server-side security, PA-DSS compliance, ACL, multi-tenancy and biometrics
  • Admin capabilities that support Identity Access Management rules, security administration and operational controls
  •  Advanced tools like enterprise notifications, analytics, and native device management

Support for Omnichannel

  • Strong support channels like smartphones, tablets, browsers & wearables
  • Ability to push new marketing content to channels through the enterprise notifications capability
  • External editors can be used for responsive web development with ease of access through channel gateways provided by the platform
Tagit currently has a single deployment that is supporting 15M active users across Mobile and IB channels
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