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Danamon Bank enables fund transfer via Facebook

Danamon Bank has launched its first mobile banking application dubbed “D-Mobile,” which is running on Tagit’s Mobeix Platform.

Developed by Tagit, the m-banking application is expected to benefit more than 2 million Danamon Bank retail customers and on a larger scale, mobile users across Indonesia.

D-Mobile allows customers to do core banking transactions including account information queries, fund transfers and bill payments via a mobile device, also offering personalization features and connection to customers’ individual social media platforms.

A key feature of the new app is “Sosmed D-Cash,” a first-of-its-kind service, allowing users to transfer funds via Facebook to either Danamon or non-Danamon customers.

The new service requires the sender and recipient to be Facebook friends. Once the Danamon user transfers the money, the receiver is required to visit an ATM and perform a series of simple security measures, including generated password and ID, before obtaining approval to withdraw the funds from the ATM.

The new feature forms part of Danamon Bank’s Branchless Banking Initiative, aiming to bridge the gap between Indonesia’s banked and unbanked populations.

Another feature of D-mobile application, the augmented reality function, allows users to use their phone camera to scan for the nearest Danamon ATM and branch. It also provides the capability to scan for the nearest Danamon promotional offers across different categories such as dining and travel.

“The unique features of the app created by Tagit, will allow us to engage with our customers in a way that is convenient and relevant to them, while also helping to make fund transfers between banked and unbanked people easier than ever before,” said Djamin Nainggolan, head of consumer lending and alternative channel at Danamon Bank.

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