Singapura Finance selects Tagit to drive Digital Transformation

Singapore, 2 June 2021 – Tagit, a leading digital banking solutions provider, announced that it has partnered with Singapura Finance Ltd (SFL) to implement MobeixTM Retail Banking and MobeixTM Corporate Banking products using the MobeixTM Digital Banking Engagement platform.

Singaporeans are one of the most digitally-savvy users, and most of them prefer to use digital channels to perform their daily banking activities on Internet and Mobile Banking. 

With this collaboration, SFL will deploy digital technologies that reduce operational costs and reallocate cost savings to engage its customers productively. The vision of SFL is to become a leading financial institution by winning customer business through high-quality services and innovative products. SFL is focused on building a full-service digital platform that meets its vision of being a digital leader and engage their customers with best-in-class products and services.  

Jamie Teo, CEO of Singapura Finance, said, “Before the Covid-19 pandemic, we have already started our digitalization efforts, searching for technological partners to further improve our customer engagement. We are happy to have Tagit on board as our partner to push through our digitalization efforts. Our digital initiatives will help us remain relevant and connect to the younger and tech-savvy customers. It will also help to streamline and enhance work processes, productivity and our customers’ experience.

Sandeep Bagaria, CEO of Tagit, said, “We are delighted to partner with Singapura Finance to power their digital transformation vision. This partnership is a testament to our strong presence in the region as a leader in providing digital banking solutions for banks with immediate customer impact. Tagit is committed to helping banks in their digital transformation journey by delivering impactful solutions.”

Key highlights:

  1. Provide digital offerings to their retail and corporate customers through a comprehensive suite of 100+ features on a scalable and secure platform.
  2. Leveraging the digital platform to build foundational capabilities for customer requirements in the future. 
  3. With faster time-to-market, Singapura Finance can reduce costs and improve operational efficiency.
  4. Delightful customer experience through a seamless orchestration of services and true omnichannel UX.
  5. Personalized experiences based on customer insights leveraging the data analytics from the platform.

Tagit is currently the partner of choice for several banks in Asia, the Middle East and Africa for their omnichannel digital banking needs.

About Tagit Pte Ltd

Tagit is an award-winning digital solutions company headquartered in Singapore, with a strong track record in designing, developing and deploying digital solutions for leading banks and governments across Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.  Tagit partners with clients in their digital transformation journey, delivering best-in-class user experience (UX), innovative solutions and functional robustness built on a secure and scalable digital engagement technology platform.

Tagit’s Digital Engagement Platform, Mobeix™, provides clients with a robust omnichannel platform that seamlessly and securely integrates with their systems. It provides business services across multiple channels, including mobile, web, wearables and voice. Mobeix™ is a highly secure, scalable platform that can meet the needs of the most demanding enterprises, and it is PA-DSS certified v2.0. 

Founded in 2004, the Company has offices in India, the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia. 
To know more about us, please visit –

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Jalpa Shah
Tel: +65 6669 4288

About Singapura Finance

Singapura Finance is one of 3 finance companies licensed under the Finance Company Act Cap 108 and is listed on the mainboard on the SGX. Singapura Finance started as Singapura Building Society Ltd in 1969 as a public company to take over the undertakings and operations of Malaya Borneo Building Society, the oldest finance company in Singapore, established in 1950. Singapura Building Society changed its name to Singapura Finance on 12 June 2002. The Company has seven branches located in populous areas to serve its large client base spread throughout Singapore. 

The Company provides loans and deposit to consumer and businesses and work closely with Enterprise Singapore to provide financing for small-medium enterprises.  Deposit placed with Singapura Finance are insured by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation, for up to $75,000.00 in aggregate per depositor per scheme member by law.

For media enquiries please contact:

Christopher Koh
Tel: + 65 6880 0633

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