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Tagit and Veefin Solutions Ltd., Announce Strategic Partnership to Transform Corporate Banking and Supply Chain Financing

Singapore, 4 October 2023: Tagit, a leading digital banking solutions provider, headquartered in Singapore, and Veefin, a global leader in Supply Chain Finance solutions, are delighted to announce a strategic partnership. Under the alliance, Tagit and Veefin will combine their industry-leading technologies to develop cutting-edge solutions that cater to the evolving needs of corporate clients and supply chain stakeholders. This partnership seeks to accelerate digital transformation, streamline financial processes, and optimize working capital management for SMEs and corporate customers of banks. 

Sandeep Bagaria, CEO, Tagit said, “Tagit is dedicated to delivering a comprehensive range of solutions to empower banks in serving their corporate clientele. The partnership between Tagit and Veefin represents a significant step in expanding Tagit’s portfolio of offerings available to our valued clients.”

Raja Debnath, Managing Director, Veefin Solutions Ltd. said, “Our partnership with Tagit will enable us to offer banks with state-of-the-art digital lending solutions. With both platforms combined, we will now be able to offer an end-to-end solution that will allow banks and financial institutions to manage their digital lending and banking needs seamlessly.”

Key benefits of the partnership include:

  • Digitization and Automation:  By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, the partnership will drive digitization and automation of financial processes, leading to increased operational efficiency and reduced administrative burden for businesses.
  • Working Capital Optimization:  Businesses will gain access to innovative working capital management tools, allowing them to optimize cash flow, unlock liquidity, and improve financial stability.
  • Global Reach and Expansion:  The combined global presence will open new markets and enable banks around the world to benefit from state-of-the-art financial solutions.
  • Enhanced Risk Management Capabilities:  By leveraging the expertise of both companies, banks will be better equipped to assess credit risks, monitor supply chain transactions, and make more informed lending decisions, ultimately reducing potential financial risks.
  • Seamless Integration and Scalability: The joint solutions will be designed to seamlessly integrate with existing banking systems and processes, ensuring a smooth transition for banks as they adopt the new technologies. Moreover, the solutions will be scalable, allowing banks to expand their offerings and cater to a growing customer base without significant infrastructure overhauls.

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About Tagit :
Tagit is an award-winning digital banking solutions provider headquartered in Singapore, with a strong track record in designing,  developing, and deploying digital solutions for leading banks across Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Tagit partners with clients in their digital transformation journey, delivering best-in-class user experience (UX), innovative solutions, and functional robustness built on a secure and scalable digital engagement technology platform.

Tagit’s, Mobeix Digital Banking Platform (DBP) and suite of digital banking products provide best-in-class digital capabilities and user experiences for banks across Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. The company’s cloud native, SaaS-deployable digital solutions enable banks to efficiently process $100B+ in transactions annually and significantly grow their online customer bases by offering award-winning, secure, and personalized UX.

Founded in 2004, the company has offices in India, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

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Jalpa Shah


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