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SME & Corporate Banking Playbook​

As the adoption of digital channels by consumers gets accelerated, the expectations around seamless customer experience also get higher, especially, among SME and corporate clientele of banks.

The next wave of transformation is in the SME & Corporate Banking sector. With the rise of Fintech startups and challenger banks, SMEs and corporates are spoilt for choice. With these challengers offering uncomplicated digital banking tools that have a superior UX, personalized experience, and ease of use, SMEs and corporate clients are using them to offer services to their digitally savvy end-users.

Banks need to offer digital banking solutions and services that ease their manner and cost of doing business and a suite of services apart from payments. They need to adopt digital technologies for competitive differentiation and create connected experiences with their corporate customers and their employees.

Corporate banks that adapt quickly will emerge stronger, more resilient, and will be able to sustain long-term relationships with their transaction banking clients that evolve through digital transformation.

In this SME & Corporate Banking Playbook you will learn:  

  1. The SME & Corporate Banking landscape
  2. Challenges in digitizing corporate banking
  3. Diverse types of corporate entities
  4. User Personas and their pain points
  5. Why MobeixTM Corporate Banking is the right choice for banks of all sizes

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